Which part of Thailand will snow?

There is no snow in Thailand since for snow to occur, the atmosphere must have small amounts of moisture. It, however, snowed once in Thailand! As per Thailand’s national weather archives, snowfall was recorded in Chiang Rai in 1955.

Has snow ever fallen in Thailand?

According to Thailand’s national weather archives, it did snow, once! The only ever official (I use that word loosely) snow recorded in Thailand was in Chiang Rai on 7th January 1955 (see the picture below).

Why is there no snow in Thailand?

No, it does not snow in Thailand. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Thailand was a reading of -1.4°C (29°F) in Sakhon Nakhon from 1974 that is from Thailand’s climate change report. … For it to snow, the atmosphere must have a small of moisture in the air and be below 0.0°C (32°F).

Does Chiang Mai have snow?

When can you find snow in Chiang Mai? Weather stations report no annual snow.

Which part of Thailand is cold in December?

The entire northern and central part of the country is dry and cool this time of year, compared to other seasons.

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Does it snow in northern Thailand?

No, Thailand does not have snow. It is unlikely if not impossible that you will see snow during your trip to Thailand. There are some reports of snow in Thailand during its winter in late 1955. The same year when the coldest temperature ever was recorded in Thailand.

Where is the coldest place in Thailand?

Historically, Sakon Nakhon is the coldest place in Thailand, measuring minus 1.4C in Muang district in 1974. The weather in the province was 9C on Thursday and residents in some districts of Sakon Nakhon and other province came out of their houses to stay by the fire to keep warm.

Does it snow in the Philippines?

With the Philippines’ tropical and maritime climate characterized by three elements – high temperature, high humidity, and abundant rainfall – the conditions are simply not right to form snow. … The Philippines also experiences high relative humidity (the moisture content of the atmosphere).

Does Taiwan have snow?

Does it Snow in Taiwan? Yes, it does snow in Taiwan! But almost exclusively on the tops of high mountains deep in the island’s Central Mountain Range. It is extremely rare to see snow in any major cities or lowland areas in Taiwan, and many Taiwanese have never touched or even seen snow in their lives.

Does Bangkok have winter?

Winter in Bangkok

Not only can you escape the cold at home, winter is the driest and most comfortable season to travel in Thailand. The heat isn’t nearly as oppressive, and days are almost always sunny.

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Does it snow in Brazil?

Though snow blizzards and freezing temperatures aren’t common in Brazil, when it does occur it is usually during the months of June, July and August. The last time snow engulfed parts of the country in the same way, it was in 1957.

Does Southeast Asia have snow?

Although located in tropical zone, ASEAN has snowy areas which are 1) Papua Province, New Guinea island, Indonesia, 2) Putao Town, Kachin State, Myanmar, and 3) Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Viet Nam. It is located on the easternmost of Indonesia. … The mount is a part of Himalayan mountain, topped by snow all the year.

Does Laos have snow?

When can you find snow in Laos? Weather stations report no annual snow.

Which part of Thailand is coolest?

Chiang Rai, Thailand

That said, there’s more to Chiang Rai than just a colder climate; the stunningly ornate White Temple – or Wat Rong Khun – is a must see for anyone in the region and is amongst Thailand’s most striking temples.

Is northern Thailand cold?

The cool weather on the plains in the North and the Northeast will continue with minimum temperature in the range of 17-21 degrees Celsius. Mountaintops are cold to very cold with minimum temperature in the range of 7-15 degrees Celsius.

What is the coolest place in Thailand?

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

  • Chiang Mai.
  • Bangkok.
  • Phuket.
  • Trang.
  • Railay Beach.
  • Ayutthaya.
  • Phang Nga.
  • Similan Islands Marine National Park.