What products does Australia import from Indonesia?

Australia mainly imports from Indonesia wood-based building materials (such as mouldings, joinery wood and plywood), paper products, tobacco products, cocoa and chocolate, tuna, coffee, baked goods and noodles.

What do we import from Indonesia?

Main imports products are: oil and gas (around 17 percent of total imports), nuclear reactions, boilers, mechanical appliances (19 percent); iron and steel (5.4 percent), organic chemical materials (4.8 percent) and vehicles (4.5 percent).

What is the main product exported from Indonesia?

Indonesia’s most important export commodities are oil and gas, minerals, crude palm oil, electrical appliances and rubber products.

What does Australia import and export from Indonesia?

Indonesia is already rich in Australia’s biggest two exports: iron ore and coal. … Indonesia’s biggest exports to Australia are petroleum, wood and footwear.

What are Australia’s main exports?

The 10 Biggest Exporting Industries in Australia

  • Iron Ore Mining in Australia. …
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Production in Australia. …
  • Oil and Gas Extraction in Australia. …
  • Coal Mining in Australia. …
  • Gold and Other Non-Ferrous Metal Processing in Australia. …
  • Meat Processing in Australia. …
  • Grain Growing in Australia.
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What does Australia and Indonesia have in common?

Indonesia and Australia, though geographically close countries, are strangers in many significant respects. They do share common interests, including the objectives of a stable and secure region and economic well-being.

Why does Australia support Indonesia?

Australia is supporting Indonesia to boost inclusive growth and productive jobs through its public policy and regulatory settings. By supporting areas such as financial sector stability, revenue mobilization, improved government spending and tax collection we will contribute to better economic productivity.

How much does Australia export to Indonesia?

Australia Exports to Indonesia was US$3.62 Billion during 2020, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

What products does Indonesia import and export?

Indonesia has generous natural resources, including crude oil, natural gas, tin, copper, and gold. Its key imports include machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, and foodstuffs. Major exports include oil and gas, electrical appliances, plywood, rubber and textiles.

Who is Indonesia’s biggest trading partner?

Top 15

  • China: US$31.8 billion (19.5% of total Indonesian exports)
  • United States: $18.7 billion (11.4%)
  • Japan: $13.7 billion (8.4%)
  • Singapore: $10.7 billion (6.6%)
  • India: $10.4 billion (6.4%)
  • Malaysia: $8.1 billion (5%)
  • South Korea: $6.5 billion (4%)
  • Philippines: $5.9 billion (3.6%)

What does China import from Indonesia?

In 2019, the products from Indonesia that paid the highest import tariffs to enter China were Beer made from malt (756k%) and Food preparations nes (150%).

What are the top 5 exports of Indonesia?

Exports The top exports of Indonesia are Coal Briquettes ($20.3B), Palm Oil ($15.3B), Petroleum Gas ($8.32B), Cars ($4.52B), and Gold ($4.01B), exporting mostly to China ($28.6B), United States ($19.2B), Japan ($16.8B), Singapore ($14.6B), and India ($13.6B).

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What is Balis biggest export?

Economy. Most of the people in Bali are employed in the sector of agriculture. The main crop is rice and the most important export product are coconuts, pork and Arabica-coffee.

What does Indonesia produce the most?

The major food crops, ranked by area harvested, are rice, corn, cassava, soybeans and peanuts. Indonesia is also one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of tree crops such as rubber, copra, palm kernels, palm oil, coffee, cocoa and spices (Ministry of Agriculture, 2001).