What does the Laos flag look like?

The flag of Laos (Lao: ທຸງຊາດລາວ; thungsad Lāo) consists of three horizontal stripes, with the middle stripe in blue being twice the height of the top and bottom red stripes. In the middle is a white disc, the diameter of the disc is 4⁄5 the height of the blue stripe. The flag ratio is 2:3.

Why did Laos change their flag?

The gold border of the central image and shining the light was removed from the flag in 1893. The elephant was also altered to show both tusks and the black head dress was removed. In 1947 Laos was granted self-rule and in 1953 they became fully Independent. The French tricolour was removed from the flag.

What does Laos flag represent?

The blue stripe represents the Mekong River as well as the nation’s wealth, while the red stripes represent the blood that the nation shed during its struggle for independence and the period of colonial rule. The white circle is a symbol of both national unity and the full moon.

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When did Laos change its flag?

Presentation of Laos. The current flag was adopted in 1975 and was the flag of the Pathet Lao. It replaced the flag used since 1952. The flag of Laos is one of the few communist-style flags not featuring a star.

What is the blue flag with a white circle?

The flag of Europe or the European flag is an official symbol used by the Council of Europe (CoE) – the regional organization representing Europe, as well as the European Union (EU), the union of 27 states.

What does Mongolia’s flag look like?

‘State flag of Mongolia’) is a vertical triband with a red stripe at each side and a blue stripe in the middle, with the Mongolian Soyombo symbol centering on the leftmost stripe. The blue stripe represents the eternal blue sky, and the red stripes thriving for eternity.

What does Indonesia’s flag look like?

The Flag of Indonesia is a simple bicolor with two equal horizontal bands, red (top) and white (bottom) with an overall ratio of 2:3. … The flag of Indonesia is graphically similar to the Flag of Monaco, with a slight difference in the shade of red, and ratio of its dimensions.

What language is spoken in Lao?

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic is one of the world’s few socialist states openly endorsing communism. The only legal political party is the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP).

What is Laos known for?

Laos: a landlocked country in Southeast Asia with some of the shortest people in the world! Laos is also famous for having the tallest treehouse in the world, the oldest human fossil in Southeast Asia, and is considered one of the fastest-growing economies in all of Asia.

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What does the 3 headed elephant symbolize?

The three headed elephant image is Buddhist/Hindu in origin – it’s called Airavata (or Erawan in Thai & Cambodia). The elephant has always been a symbol of greatness, wisdom and as a vehicle of transportation. … The three headed mythic elephant symbol had the same number as there were principalities in the country.

Which country has an elephant on its flag?

Flag of Thailand

Name Thai: ธงราชนาวี (RTGS: thong ratcha nawi), ‘Royal Navy flag’
Use Naval ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 28 September 1917
Design A red disc containing a white elephant in regalia centered on the national flag

What country’s flag is green with a red dot?

The national flag of Bangladesh, was adopted officially on 17 January 1972. It consists of a red disc on top of a dark green banner. The red disc is offset slightly toward the hoist so that it appears centered when the flag is flying.

Does the planet Earth have a flag?

Centred in the flag, seven rings form a flower — a symbol of life on Earth. The rings are linked to represent how everything on our planet is connected.

Is there a universal flag?

The flag of the United Nations was adopted on December 7, 1946, and consists of the official emblem of the United Nations in white on a blue background.

Flag of the United Nations.

Proportion 2:3 or 3:5
Adopted December 7, 1946

Does Mars have a flag?

Official status. There is no official flag for Mars since there is no government or other authority in existence capable of adopting such a flag.

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