What does Georgetown look for?

There are eight factors that Georgetown ranks as being “very important” to their admissions process: rigor of secondary school record, class rank, GPA, standardized test scores, the essays, recommendations, talent/ability, and character/personal qualities.

What type of student is Georgetown looking for?

Georgetown seeks students that look inward and think about community. This aligns with its Jesuit traditions to educate the whole person. The idea of a common community is also a big part of the Georgetown philosophy so they look for students who will be able to step into the community and actively contribute.

What is Georgetown best known for?

Georgetown is most known for its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service where students are prepared to become empathetic and committed leaders in global affairs.


  • Robert E. …
  • Georgetown Law.
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
  • School of Medicine.
  • School of Nursing and Health Studies.
  • School of Continuing Studies.

Does Georgetown look at freshman grades?

First, Georgetown does not publish the GPA statistics for their admitted freshman. … There is weighted GPA (4.0 scale), unweighted GPA (5.0 scale), GPA based on classes with and without grade curves, and so on.

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How difficult is it to get into Georgetown?

The acceptance rate at Georgetown is 14.5%.

For every 100 applicants, only 15 are admitted. This means the school is extremely selective. Meeting their GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements is very important to getting past their first round of filters and proving your academic preparation.

What GPA do you need for Georgetown?

With a GPA of 4.01, Georgetown requires you to be at the top of your class. You’ll need nearly straight A’s in all your classes to compete with other applicants. You should also have taken plenty of AP or IB classes to show your ability to excel in academic challenge.

Is Georgetown a party school?

The Georgetown Univeristy Hoyas are generous with their praise for the local club and bar scene. Every student has his or her favorite spot in Georgetown itself, but some of the most hallowed party grounds are located outside of Georgetown proper, where students can access a plethora of 18+ nightclubs.

Is Georgetown better than UCLA?

Both are highly ranked, U.S. News ranks (2018–2019) UCLA #19 nationally with Georgetown ranked #22. So regardless of what field you enter after you graduate you will have name recognition going for you.

Is Georgetown SFS prestigious?

For international relations, Georgetown SFS is by far the most prestigious. It has produced by far the most diplomats and heads of state.

Is Georgetown a pretty campus?

“Georgetown’s beauty really stems from its great history. At the center of it all is historic Healy Hall, a beautiful construction that gives campus the ‘Hogwarts’ feel,” said sophomore Jacob Davis. “While we were founded in 1789, even the newer buildings embrace and encapsulate the storied tradition of the Hilltop.

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Can I get into Georgetown with a 3.8 GPA?

Applicants require exceptionally good grades to get into Georgetown. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Georgetown University was 3.89 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A- students are accepted and ultimately attend.

Can I get into Georgetown with a 3.6 GPA?

CollegeSimply has analyzed the incoming freshman grade point averages for a large portion of U.S. schools and selected 577 colleges where students have a competitive chance of getting in with a 3.6.

What colleges can I get into?

College Average GPA
Georgetown University 3.89

Why is Georgetown’s acceptance rate so high?

Georgetown: Overall Acceptance Rate – Class of 2025

The school accepted 100 more students than originally expected due to yield rate concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Georgetown worth the money?

Within District of Columbia, Georgetown is a Great Quality for a Fair Price. Georgetown University is ranked #1 out of #9 in District of Columbia for quality and #3 out of #7 for District of Columbia value. This makes it a great quality for a fair price in the state.

Is Georgetown a target school?

Target Schools For Investment Banking

The target schools are generally considered to consist of Ivy League schools, top liberal arts colleges (LACs), MIT, University of Michigan, Stanford, Georgetown, University of California – Berkeley, and the University of Chicago.

Is Georgetown an Ivy?

Many students assume that Georgetown is an Ivy League school, too, like Harvard. Unfortunately, it is not one of the eight Ivy Leagues. But the good news is that Georgetown University is considered a Hidden Ivy.

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