Can you machine wash Muay Thai shorts?

Muay Thai shorts are usually tough enough that they will hold up well in a standard machine wash cycle. Use a mild detergent and avoid using bleach. … To hand wash, use a gentle detergent and soak the shorts in sudsy water for about 5 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with clean water.

Can you put Muay Thai shorts in washing machine?

Hand Wash. Muay Thai shorts are quite strong to withstand the toughness of a washing machine. If you are using a mild detergent without bleach, these shorts can be washed in a washing machine without any difficulty. All you need to make sure is that the machine is set to delicate cycle.

How do you clean Muay Thai gear?

Use an antibacterial wipe or spray on all surfaces (inside and out). Then, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off as much extra moisture as you can. Leave the equipment to dry for as long as possible. For drying, just remember that ventilation is key.

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What material are Muay Thais?

Muay Thai shorts come in 4 main different fabrics namely nylon, satin, polyester-blend and cotton. Satin is the traditional fabric and still favored by many Muay Thai practitioners for its smooth feel and glossy finish. Another traditional fabric used for Muay Thai shorts is nylon.

How tight should Muay Thai shorts be?

Muay Thai shorts are typically designed to fit snug on the waist and baggy on the legs. If you are able to find a brand that fits, stick to the brand. Otherwise, there are 2 ways to getting the pair that fits and looks right: #1 Get a size that fits comfortably on your waist.

Can you machine dry Muay Thai shorts?

As most Muay Thai shorts use polyester blend fabric, they dry easily and quickly even indoors. Tumble dry can cause fiber tearing on a microscopic level which in turn shortens the fabric lifespan in the form of tears and holes. Direct sun drying may also hasten the color fading. Indoor air drying will suffice.

How do you wash fight shorts?

As a general rule, you’ll want to wash them in warm water as that is more effective in removing stains. Add some gentle detergent (we recommend ACTIVE detergent) and put the machine on a delicate cycle. To prevent the colors from fading, turn the shorts inside out.

Can you put Muay Thai shin guards in the washing machine?

Your shin guards will get loaded with plenty of moisture that it can take a while for them to dry completely, especially if you dry them indoors. This can easily lead to bacteria breeding and causing musty smell. So unless the weather is all warm and sunny, washing is best avoided.

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How do you wash Muay Thai hand wraps?

Hand washing is always the most recommended and least invasive way for washing your boxing hand wraps. Wash them in warm water with a little amount of laundry soap. Prepare a basin with water and detergent, dip your hand wraps and let them soak for few hours: 2 or 3 should be enough.

Can you wash Shinpads?

If you are able to wash your shin guards in the washing machine, place them in a pillowcase or laundry bag for the wash cycle to help prevent them from banging into the sides of the machine. Use the right detergent. Use a quality sports detergent, like WIN Sports Detergent, and run the machine on a gentle cycle.

What’s special about Muay Thai shorts?

Muay Thai shorts are designed for functionality which makes them ideal for training in the sport. There is also -traditionally- no ranking system, so any color is game. However, some gyms in the West do adopt a ranking system with different shorts color but that is in the minority.

Why are Muay Thai shorts so colorful?

Muay Thai, we use an armband system so the color of your shorts is irrelevant. Though, yellow is often associated with royalty in Thai culture due to the late King’s affinity for the color. Aside from yellow, Nak Muays generally choose bright colored shorts to add an element of showmanship when in the ring.

What are Muay Thai shorts called?

Top King is a staple in Muay Thai and have been a trusted brand for many years. I personally don’t own a pair of these shorts but many people in my gym wear them every single day. These shorts are used in many professional Muay Thai fights because of their high quality design and comfort.

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Are Muay Thai shorts true to size?

To find out what Muay Thai Shorts Size you should buy, just take a tapeline and measure around your waist. … If you in doubt because you in between two sizes … we recommend to take the bigger size.