What is Manila code?

What is the postal code here in Manila?

Manila Postal Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Manila CPO – Ermita 1000 2
Paco 1007 2
Pandacan 1011 2
Port Area (South) 1018 2

What is the area code of Manila?

The 02 area code covers Metro Manila and neighboring areas of (Rizal Province, San Pedro, Laguna, and Bacoor, Cavite).

How do I call Manila?

First dial 011 – the U.S. exit code. Next dial 63 – the Philippines country code. Then the area code – 1–4 digits. And finally the phone number – 5–7 digits.

What is the 5 digit zip code of the Philippines?

There is no 5-digit ZIP Code in the Philippines.

Is Metro Manila a province?

Unlike other administrative regions in the Philippines, Metro Manila is not composed of provinces. Instead, the region is divided into four geographic areas called “districts.”

What is Pangasinan zip code?

Pangasinan ZIP Codes, Postal Codes, and Phone Area Codes

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Location ZIP Code/Postal Code Phone Area Code
Calasiao 2418 75
Dagupan City 2400 75
Dasol 2411 75
Infanta 2412 75

What is country code and area code in Philippines?

1- is the Philippines Country Code. 63 – dialing code to call the Philippines from the USA. Area Code – a 3 digit number. Check the specific Philippines area code you need.

How many digit is Philippines phone number?

Mobile phone numbers are always 10 digits (three digits for the service provider, plus a seven-digit number).

Telephone numbers in the Philippines.

Type open
Typical format 0XX-XXX-YYYY 02-XXXX-YYYY (for area code “02” only) 09XX-XXX-YYYY (mobile phones)
Access codes
Country calling code +63

What country is this number?

Country Codes

Albania 355 28,748
Algeria 213 2,381,740
American Samoa 1-684 199
Andorra 376 468

How do I add Philippine number to WhatsApp?

If you want to create a link to WhatsApp for a phone in Philippines you need to 63 to your phone number. If you need to create a link to your WhatsApp number you need to use your phone number without any special character. Just your country code, and then your phone number.

Can I use my Philippine phone in US?

As long as your phone has 3G and 4G LTE features, then it will likely work with US networks after inserting your prepaid SIM card. … The table below shows that the Philippines and the USA share a lot of frequency bands on the 3G and 4G.

How can I call to Philippines for free?

Simply dial 08700 477 477 + 0063 + the local number

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You don’t need to register, and there are no passwords, codes or PINs to remember. All you have to do is make a note of the special access number that you need to dial in order to make free calls to the Philippines: 08700 477 477.

What is my ZIP Code Philippines?


ZIP Code Area Province or city
1000 Manila Central Post Office Manila
1001 Quiapo Manila
1002 Intramuros Manila
1003 Santa Cruz (South) Manila

What is the ZIP Code for Philippines address?

ZIP code should be placed on the left-hand side of the last line of the address.

  1. Metro Manila: Name. Unit Number + House/Building/Street Number, Street Name. Barangay/District Name, City/Municipality. …
  2. Provincial: Name. Unit Number + House/Building/Street Number, Street Name. …
  3. P.O. Box: Name. P.O. Box Number, Post Office Name.

What is the ZIP Code of Laguna?

Laguna Zip Code/ Postal Code and Area Code

Location ZIP Code/Postal Code Phone Area Code
Rizal 4003 49
San Pablo City 4000 49
San Pedro 4023 2
Santa Cruz 4009 49