Quick Answer: How far is Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho?

Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh by bus?

The best way to get from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City without a car is to bus which takes 4h 5m and costs $12 – $13. How long does it take to get from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City? It takes approximately 4h 5m to get from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City, including transfers.

Is Can Tho near Ho Chi Minh City?

There are 104 miles (168 km) separating Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho, famous for its canals and floating markets. To travel between them, the most popular option is a two-hour plane ride—though traveling by shuttle or private transfer.

Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh train?

No, there is no train from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho, but in the near future there is a plan to build a new railway connection. The only way how to get to Can Tho is to travel by bus, private vehicle or motorbike.

Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh boat?

The high-speed ship, with a seating capacity of 40 people, departs daily from the Ninh Kieu pier in Can Tho and from the Bach Dang pier in Ho Chi Minh City. The trip takes approximately three and a half hours to make trip, passing the Mekong Delta’s floating markets and fruit gardens along the way.

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Is the Mekong Delta worth seeing?

Mekong Delta is definitely worth a visit and it is not only about the floating market but its beautiful tropical scenery, interesting riverine culture and friendly people.