How much does it cost to hire a driver in Vietnam?

Generally, the rental fee does not include insurance, maintenance and cleaning but if you choose to rent independently, a package of car and driver can cost around VND19M-33.7M per month for a new car and less for an older car on a sliding scale, depending on the model.

Can you hire someone to drive you around?

AmRide offers you the easiest, fastest, and most flexible options to move you across the State or the Country. We will custom tailor your ride to your specific needs. In your vehicle or ours. You will be driven by a safe, insured, professional driver.

Can I hire someone to drive me across country?

You can hire a personal driver for cross-country, long-distance road trips. Hire a driver who has years of experience driving long hours and in all types of weather conditions so you can enjoy stress-free travel time and reach your destination safely and relaxed.

How much does a personal drive cost?

Chauffeur prices can range from $75 to $250 per hour, but most providers have hourly minimums that will bring the prices up to $225 or all the way to $1,500 for larger vehicles. Special event packages can range from $400 all the way up to a 50-person party bus for $1,800.

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Can I hire a car in Vietnam?

Renting a Car in Vietnam. … you can rent a car with a driver, or rent a self-drive car. Tourists are advised against renting a self-drive car in Vietnam unless absolutely necessary because roads in Vietnam are extremely unsuitable.

What is a personal driver called?

A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine. … Some service companies merely provide the driver.

How do I know what car driver I have?

Try Helpers Near Me today. It is a platform for drivers, where you can find & connect with multiple permanent private car drivers around your location. It solves the problem of finding & hiring a car driver on a permanent basis in the easiest possible way. Even the charges are nominal – starting at Rs.

How much does it cost to pay someone to drive your car across the country?

How much does it cost?

Distance Type of transport Sample price
0-500 miles Open $200
500-1000 miles Open $511
1000-1500 miles Open $700
1500-2000 miles Open $840

How much does it cost to have someone drive your car across country?

The average cost to ship a car is approximately $710. Costs range from around $350 to ship your car a short distance on an open carrier to more than $1,500 to go across the country on an enclosed carrier.

How do I get paid to drive cross country?

10 Ways To Get Paid To Drive A Car

  1. Auto Driveaway. This might actually be the most popular driveaway in North America, with different offices in many cities, including Canada. …
  2. Roadie. …
  3. Ridesharing. …
  4. App-Based Delivery. …
  5. By being a safe driver. …
  6. Babysitting and nannying. …
  7. Driving elderly people around. …
  8. Deliver on Amazon.
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How much do drivers cost golf?

New drivers from major manufacturers range from $250 to $600. Those prices apply to the flagship drivers offered by the most recognizable, brand-name companies.

How much do cars cost in Vietnam?

In the U.S., a BMW 760Li fetches $140,000 while the average cost of buying the vehicle in Vietnam is $318,000, according to Sai Gon Giai Phong. Similarly buyers will have to pay $61,000 for a Toyota Camry 2.5G vehicle which is priced at roughly $22,000 in the U.S., the same newspaper reported.

Can foreigners rent cars in Vietnam?

Although foreign drivers are now officially allowed to rent a car in Vietnam, most car rental agencies (including international ones like Avis and Hertz) will only offer cars with chauffeurs.

Do you need a license to drive in Vietnam?

Drive as a Tourist

Vietnam’s law indicated that a driver must have a driver’s license and be 18 years old to drive in every place in Vietnam. As long as you have proper and legal documentation, you’re good to go. If you’re planning to drive a motorcycle, you need a motorcycle license to legally drive in the country.