How many dams are in Laos?

Laos has 78 dams in operation and has signed memorandums of understanding for 246 other hydroelectric projects in its quest to become the “battery of Asia” that exports electricity to neighboring countries, primarily Thailand.

Why is Laos building dams?

Landlocked Laos aims to become the “battery of Southeast Asia” and escape poverty by exporting electricity to its richer neighbors. China is a major player in Laos’ ambitious hydropower plans.

How many dams are in the Mekong River?

China has constructed 11 hydropower dams, of which two are large storage dams, along the mainstream in the Upper Mekong Basin. Another 11 dams, each with production capacity of over 100 MW, are being planned or constructed.


Year Title
2015 Scoping report of regional benefit sharing in the Mekong

How much hydropower does Laos have?

There are sixteen hydro power projects in Laos that use dams to store or divert water for electricity generation.

How many dams are in Cambodia?

Hydropower dams

Station name Project purpose Power generation capacity (MW)
Lower Srepok III Hydropower dam 330
Lower Srepok IV Hydropower dam 48
Stung Treng Hydropower dam 980
Sambor Hydropower dam 2,600
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How many dams has Laos built on the Mekong?

Laos has already built 79 dams on the Mekong’s mainstream and tributaries on its way to building 100 dams by 2030, according to the country’s ministry of energy and mines. The government of the landlocked and impoverished country has turned to dams, built through loans, as a financial lifeline.

What language is spoken in Lao?

China has constructed 11 giant dams along the mountainous territory of the Upper Mekong to sustain its ever-increasing energy needs. The management of water flows has long been a concern for many living along the river.

How many dams does China own?

Nearly 22,000 dams over 15 metres (49 ft) in height – about half the world’s total – have been constructed in China since the 1950s.

How many dams has China built on the Mekong?

Share: Since 1993, China has built six dams in the mainstream on the Upper Mekong Basin, known as the Lancang in China. Operations of these dams have stirred many concerns from the Lower Mekong Basin communities on how these dams will impact their river and livelihoods.

Is Laos a democracy?

The politics of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (commonly known as Laos) takes place in the framework of a one-party socialist republic. … The head of state is President Thongloun Sisoulith, who is also the LPRP general secretary, making him the supreme leader of Laos.

How many power plants are in Cambodia?

Cambodia already has three operational thermal power plants, all in Preah Sihanouk province, with generating capacity of 640 MW. Two more are under construction there, adding an additional 800 MW. The government has greenlighted another new plant in Oddar Meanchey province, as well as Botum Sakor.

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How many hydroelectric power plants are there in Cambodia?

There are about 63 possible sites of small and large hydropower project in the whole country. Number of Possible Mini/Micro Hydropower • Theoretical Small Hydropower Potential about: 300 MW.

Does Cambodia have dam?

If built, it would be the lowest dam of the Mekong’s mainstream dams, and largest in Cambodia.

Sambor Dam
Length 18,002 m (59,062 ft)
Spillway capacity 17,668 m3/s (623,900 cu ft/s)
Creates Sambor Hydropower Dam Reservoir