You asked: What is Ho Chi Minh trail describe any three points of its importance?

What is the Ho Chi Minh Trail and why is it important?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a military supply route running from North Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia to South Vietnam. The route sent weapons, manpower, ammunition and other supplies from communist-led North Vietnam to their supporters in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Why was the Ho Chi Minh Trail important quizlet?

What was the purpose of the Ho Chi Minh Trail? North Vietnam needed to get supplies and troops to South Vietnam. Movement along the Ho Chi Minh Trail was greatest during the rainy season.

What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail as described in the film?

The film chronicles the journey of Rusch traversing over 1,200 miles (1,900 km) on bicycle along the Ho Chi Minh trail to the site where her father, a US Air Force F-4 fighter pilot, was shot down in Laos 40 years earlier.

Blood Road (film)

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Blood Road
Languages English, Vietnamese, Lao

Why was the Ho Chi Minh Trail created?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was used by the North Vietnamese as a route for its troops to get into the South. They also used the trail as a supply route – for weapons, food and equipment. The Ho Chin Minh Trail ran along the Laos/Cambodia and Vietnam borders and was dominated by jungles.

What was the US response to the Ho Chi Minh Trail?

In December, following attacks on US bases in South Vietnam, US aircraft struck targets in the central Laotian panhandle, but these were more on the order of reprisal and warning rather than interdiction. In April 1965, the United States began flying regular air strikes against the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Why did the US bomb the Ho Chi Minh Trail?

Dubbed the “Ho Chi Minh Trail,” the American military reasoned that if it could be sufficiently damaged, the enemy would be unable to sustain itself. Three million tons of explosives would be dropped on the Laos portion of the trail alone.

Why was Ho Chi Minh An influential leader?

Ho Chi Minh led a long and ultimately successful campaign to make Vietnam independent. He was president of North Vietnam from 1945 to 1969, and he was one of the most influential communist leaders of the 20th century. His seminal role is reflected in the fact that Vietnam’s largest city is named for him.

Who did Ho Chi Minh fight against quizlet?

What countries did Ho Chi Minh fight against? French, Japanese, south Vietnam, U.S. What was Ho Chi Minh’s political/economic party?

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What was Ho Chi Minh political economic philosophy?

Ho Chi Minh’s political economic philosophy was Marxism.

Why is it called Ho Chi Minh Trail San Diego?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail is a relatively strenuous and rewarding half-mile hike in northern San Diego County. In the 1960s, the surfers who frequented this trail named it after the trail in Vietnam. … Toward the beginning of the trail there is a wooden plank that allows you to walk across a small ravine.

How effective was the Ho Chi Minh Trail?

The most stunning failure was in the US bombing campaigns over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. They had little or no success in cutting off the Vietcong and North Vietnamese troops from their supply bases above the seventeenth parallel.

How was the Ho Chi Minh Trail built?

Work began in the 1950s

Built upon a tangle secret foot and bicycle paths hacked out of the jungles by Viet Minh forces during the earlier French Indo China War, construction of what became the Ho Chi Minh Trail began in earnest in 1959.

Why was the Ho Chi Minh Trail difficult?

Mu Gia and other strategic spots along the Ho Chi Minh trail became a struggle between American attempts to shut down the supply route and Vietnamese ones to keep them going. Defending the route was a core of committed laborers, who protected the trail by making it physically hard to bomb.

How many died on the Ho Chi Minh Trail?

The official cemetery for victims of the Ho Chi Minh Trail contains the graves of 10,306 men and women. But the ex-soldiers, writers and others interviewed here say that is only a small percentage of those who died along the trail.

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