What is the name of the river that runs through Jakarta?

Ciliwung River (Kali Ciliwung) is one of the main rivers in Java Island in Indonesia. Ciliwung River flows through cities, such as Bogor, Depok and Jakarta.

What is the biggest river in Jakarta?

The Citarum River (Sundanese: Walungan Citarum) is the longest and largest river in West Java, Indonesia.

Citarum River
Length 270 km (170 mi)
Basin size 6600 km2

How many rivers are there in Jakarta?

The Special Capital Region of Jakarta, located on the north coast of western Java, has thirteen major rivers. The region contains 664 square kilometres (256 sq mi) of land and 6,977 square kilometres (2,694 sq mi) of water.

What river is Jakarta on?

Jakarta is a capital city of Indonesia located in the delta of Ciliwung river. This city suffers annual flooding with some serious damage for certain extreme rainfall events, especially occurring at the upper parts of the Ciliwung watershed.

How many major rivers flow through Jakarta?

The Great Garuda won’t, however, restore the flow of some of the sinking city’s 13 rivers and various canals into Jakarta Bay. Some of the channels drain into floodwater retention lakes, a magnet for new migrants from outlying provinces who squat illegally around their perimeters.

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What is the name of Indonesia’s biggest lake?

The largest lake, by both area and volume, is Lake Toba in Sumatra. It holds 240 km³ of freshwater, and is the largest lake body in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has 3 of the 20 deepest lakes in the world – Lake Matano in Sulawesi (590 m), Lake Toba in Sumatra (505 m), and Lake Poso in Sulawesi (450 m).

Is Jakarta sinking?

The land surface is sinking while the sea is rising

The latest study from IPB University in West Java, Indonesia, showed various areas in Jakarta were at risk of sinking between 1.8cm and 10.7cm per year during 2019 and 2020. … While the capital’s land surface is sinking, the sea is rising.

Where is the Yellow River?

Yellow River (Huang He), eastern Qinghai province, China. Past the gorges, near the city of Lanzhou in southeastern Gansu province, it leaves the Plateau of Tibet.

Which river is called most polluted river?

Citarum River, Indonesia – The Citarum River is known as the most polluted river in the world and is located in West Java, Indonesia.

What is the cleanest river in the world?

The Cleanest Rivers In The World – The Thames River (London)

Surprisingly, securing the top spot for the cleanest river in the world, one of London’s pride and joy is the neat elegance of the Thames River. Amidst the dense population of London’s busy streets, the waters of Thames River was kept sparklingly spotless.

What was Jakarta originally called?

Jakarta, formerly (until 1949) Batavia or (1949–72) Djakarta, largest city and capital of Indonesia. Jakarta lies on the northwest coast of Java at the mouth of the Ciliwung (Liwung River), on Jakarta Bay (an embayment of the Java Sea).

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Where is Batavia?

Batavia, also called Batauia in the city’s Malay vernacular, was the capital of the Dutch East Indies. The area corresponds to present-day Jakarta, Indonesia.

What is the mother tongue of Indonesia?

With severe pollution from lead, aluminum, manganese, and iron since 2002, the Citarum has never met the water quality standards of Government Regulation No. 82 of 2001 on Water Quality Management and Water Pollution Control.