Question: Why is Vietnam a Shatterbelt?

North Vietnam was pro-communism while South Vietnam was anti-communism. The war broke when USSR was trying to spread the communism to the eastern part of Asia, wanting to take over Vietnam. This created the country to become a shatterbelt, with two different political views on different regions of the country.

Is Vietnam a shatterbelt?

Sudan, Balkan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, and Korea are all considered shatterbelt regions because each of these regions are endangered by local conflicts within the states/between the countries, that also includes the involvement of opposing great powers outside the region.

What makes a country a shatterbelt?

Hence, the term “shatter belt” itself is generally referring to a geographical region that is endangered by local conflicts within the states or between countries in the region, as well as the involvement of the opposing great powers outside the region.

Which two wars became Shatterbelts from the Cold War?

The cold war created shatterbelts in Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Korea. Countries had to pick sides: 1st world countries allied with the U.S, 2nd countries world allied with the USSR, 3rd world were new nations that didn’t ally with any side yet.

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Is South Africa a shatterbelt region?

A shatterbelt originates when rival great powers have footholds in a single area. Six contemporary world regions met the criteria of this standard: the Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle America, and South Asia.

Why is a shatterbelt important?

According to the extant literature, shatterbelts seem to be strategically important regions of small and weak states which are experiencing substantial inter- and intrastate cleavage and which have become immediately important to the interests of rival major powers.

Why is Yugoslavia a shatterbelt?

The civil wars within former Yugoslavia have cost thousands of lives and destroyed an infrastructure that had taken decades to build. Geographers have called Eastern Europe a shatterbelt. because of the conflicts and divisions that have occurred there.

Why is Middle East considered a shatterbelt?

A shatterbelt is a region that is highly fragmented politically as aresult of internal divisiveness and of the pressures of external great powers in pursuit of their own geostrategic interests (Cohen 1973). Superpower competition made the Middle East a shatterbelt.

Why is Southeast Asia considered a shatterbelt?

Why is south east Asia a shatter belt? its cultural-spatial fragmentation results from the collision of a stronger outside powers within the realm, much like Eastern Europe.

Can you have a nation without a state?

A stateless nation is an ethnic group or nation that does not possess its own state and is not the majority population in any nation state. … Nations without state are classified as fourth-world nations.

What is an ethnic enclave APHG?

Ethnic Enclave. a neighborhood, district, or suburb which retains some cultural distinction from a larger, surrounding area. Ethnic Group. people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture.

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How are the Korean and Vietnam wars similar?

The Korean and Vietnam war are very similar in that both were the US’s attempt to fight communism by waging war in a distant third world country. Both wars were unpopular in the US and both led to a lack of victory.

How were the Korean and Vietnam wars different?

There were also several differences such as the way of development of the conflicts where the Korean War was during three years, and the Vietnam War was the prolonged struggle, the participation of the Chinese troops in the Korean War, the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam and the different outcomes.

What is the difference between Balkanization and a shatterbelt?

As a shatter belt, the Balkan Peninsula had seen the division of the larger regions or countries into smaller regions or countries for many centuries, often as a result of war. Because of this long history, this process of division has become known as Balkanization.

What is a cultural shatterbelt?

Cultural Shatterbelt. Def: A politically unstable region where differing cultural elements come into contact and conflict.

What is the European shatterbelt?

The paper is focussing. primarily on the European Shatter Belt, formerly known as ‘Eastern Europe’. This is in fact a subset of new and old. nation-states in the region of Central and Eastern Europe or, to use an older, but increasingly popular term, ‘Mitteleu- ropa’ (Ruppert, 1997). ‘