Is Hulu available in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, you cannot access Hulu in Malaysia. This is due to the regional restrictions that ISPs and regional authorities put on your IP address. If your IP address is from any country other than the US, your request to access Hulu is denied..

What countries is Hulu available in?

Currently, Hulu only streams in the United States, Puerto Rico, and military bases, and in some locations in Japan. The service isn’t yet available anywhere outside these locations, but streaming Hulu from anywhere isn’t hard with the right VPN.

Is Hulu or Netflix better?

If you’re looking for a streaming service that will give you lots of entertainment hours, Netflix will be your pick. Netflix is also perfect for families since you can stream on up to four devices compared to Hulu’s two. But Hulu can also be great for families if you decide to do the Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ bundle.

Can you watch Hulu in Asia?

There is a way to watch Hulu abroad, whether you want to stream live TV or catch up on shows or movies, just as you can watch US Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer or The Criterion Channel from anywhere in the world. … The majority of Hulu properties come to Disney+ internationally – though sometimes there can be a slight delay.

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Can I subscribe to Hulu outside US?

Hulu’s monthly subscription gives you access to blockbuster movies, popular TV sitcoms, kids shows, and more. But it isn’t fair that Hulu isn’t available to buy or watch if you’re outside the US — even if you’re a US citizen. To subscribe to Hulu, you need to have a US credit card and be located within US borders.

Can I use Hulu with a VPN?

You can use a VPN to watch Hulu even if you reside in the US and don’t need to unblock the streaming service. Here are a few extra reasons to get a VPN for Hulu: Avoid throttling. In certain cases (especially when using streaming services), your ISP can throttle your bandwidth, causing significant lagging.

How do I watch Hulu on Nord VPN?

How to Use NordVPN to Access Hulu Content from Anywhere

  1. Visit the NordVPN website, select your chosen plan, and install the software.
  2. Connect to one of NordVPN’s US servers.
  3. Sign in to your Hulu account, sit back, and enjoy your favorite shows.

Is Hulu 2021 worth it?

Paying for the ad-free version of Hulu is worth it since you’ll likely get sick of seeing the same ads over and over again. Being able to watch your favorite shows without worrying about DVR issues and clunky on-demand set-top boxes is worth the price.

Is Hulu worth it if I have Netflix?

Netflix has loads more original shows and no commercials, but Hulu has three big advantages over the streaming service giant: The low $7-per-month cost of its basic plan, which is a tremendous value if you don’t mind watching a few commercials.

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What is better Hulu or YouTube TV?

Your choice between the two comes down to channel selection, usability and content, and in our book YouTube TV bests Hulu Plus Live TV in most of those areas. Hulu enables you to integrate a wide channel selection with its exemplary on-demand library which may be worth it for some.

Is Hulu region locked?

Unfortunately, Hulu is a region-locked US-based streaming service. Hence, you will not be able to watch Hulu online when you leave the US. Hulu examines your public IP address to determine your geographical location.

Can you watch Hulu in Singapore?

Currently, Hulu is blocked in Singapore and anywhere outside the United States. It indulges in region-blocking to help protect its copyright and licensing agreements. However, you can unblock it in Singapore by connecting to a VPN server in the United States!

How do I change my region on Hulu?


  1. Log in to Hulu on your living room device.
  2. Visit your account page on a desktop, laptop, or mobile browser.
  3. Click on the Privacy and Settings section.
  4. Click “Set or Change Home.”
  5. Enter in your new home network.

How can I watch Hulu internationally?

How to watch Hulu from abroad with a VPN

  1. Sign up for and download a VPN that works with Hulu. …
  2. Install the VPN app from your provider’s website or official app store.
  3. Run the VPN app and choose a server or server location that can unblock Hulu. …
  4. Open Hulu in a web browser or the Hulu app and start streaming!

Can you watch Hulu in the Philippines?

You can watch Hulu in the Philippines but with a VPN because it is a geo-restricted streaming service that is only available in the USA. Follow this guide to learn how to watch Hulu in Philippines and which VPNs are the best for unblocking the service.

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Does Netflix work internationally?

Netflix is available in over 190 countries around the world. Each country has its own catalog of original and licensed TV shows and movies. … Using a VPN to access Netflix will hide your region and only allow you to see TV shows and movies available to all regions globally.