Are OTF knives legal in Singapore?

Singapore. The importation and possession of switchblades are illegal in Singapore. It may not be also listed or sold in auctions in Singapore.

What knives are illegal in Singapore?

They include:

  • Arbalests;
  • Arrows, crossbows, and bows;
  • Bayonets;
  • Swords, including butterfly swords, machetes, parangs, bolo, kukri or hooked swords.
  • Knives such as diving knives, hunting knives, kris, karambit, kirpans, dirks, butterfly knives, “balisong”, gravity knives, flick knives, switchblades, and wasp knives;

Is it legal to carry Swiss Army knife in Singapore?

‘You are not allow to hand carry item such as foldable camping knife, Swiss army knife or 5-in-1 utility carabiner which has a blade among its components. These are prohibited item.

Is it illegal to own a knife in Singapore?

The Police would like to remind the public that under Singapore law, items such as airsoft guns, empty cartridges, flick knives, pepper sprays, and knuckledusters are prohibited.

Can you carry an OTF knife?

Yes. As we can see, the laws are not uniform, but most states do allow the possession, sales, and carrying of automatic knives. … Also, while most states allow the open-carry of OTF knives, most do not allow the concealed-carry of such blades.

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Are gel blasters legal in Singapore?

Replica Guns are a Controlled Item in Singapore – IRB Law.

Are Karambits legal in Singapore?

“The police do not prohibit nor regulate the sale of knives like folding knives, hunting knives and utility knives, including karambits. … They stressed that they are ‘careful not to allow merchants to sell items that are banned or infringe any law in Singapore’.

Can you own a katana in Singapore?

That’s right, it is legal to own a sword in Singapore. There’s a catch though — you have to be above 18. … Not to mention, swords are expensive, and you’re are not allowed to carry the prized possession out in public without any lawful purpose, according to the Singapore Police Force.

Can you carry a Leatherman in Singapore?

Multi-tools are permissible items, ie. does not require licence or permit for their import, export or possession.

Can I carry pocket knife in Singapore?

It is unlawful to carry a “deadly weapon” concealed unless one has a license. Common pocket knives that measure less than four inches is legal to conceal carry.

Is a flip knife illegal?

Assisted Opening—The first thing you need to know about assisted opening knives is that they are not automatics. They are therefore legal in all 50 states (depending on blade length). … Automatic—Switchblades are illegal to own in all 50 states, unless you are military or law enforcement.

What type of knives are illegal?

Knives that are illegal to possess in California include:

  • Cane knives.
  • Air gauge knives.
  • Lipstick knives.
  • Bet buckle knives.
  • Writing pen knives.
  • Switchblades with a blade longer than 2”
  • Ballistic knives.
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Is a flick knife an offensive weapon?

The law recognises three categories of offensive weapon: Those where objects are made for use for causing injury to the person. These items are legally classified as ‘offensive weapons per se’ and include flick knives, kitchen knives, butterfly knives, pepper sprays, knuckle dusters and nunchucks.

Are OTF knives legal federally?

There is no Federal restriction on the sale of auto-open knives within the 50 states. There are some state laws with restrictions regarding selling switchblades (see State Laws Regarding Auto-Open Knives). There are no Federal restrictions on other carriers such as UPS or FedEx regarding automatic knives.

Are OTF knives considered switchblades?

In basic terms, a switchblade is a knife featuring a blade that springs out of the handle when a button is pressed. … The second type of switchblade is called the OTF (out the front) switchblade because the blade comes out at the top of the handle, like a pen.